• Will Dodge

Why the name Bull N Bear

So why the name Bull N Bear? So for those who do not follow the capital markets this may not be as obvious to you. Bullish or Bearish are terms commonly used to relay your outlook on a particular security, index, or perhaps an economy in general. Both Alex and I have been students of the capital markets and thought this would be a good theme especially since 40% of Summit's employed population is in the financial industry.

Besides catering to the population, another reason for the name was my internal struggle with taking the risk of starting my own business. Many months I spent looking over spread sheets estimating costs and comparing those to potential revenue. I saw many different numbers and came up with many different answers at first. The net revenue results ranged from "private island owner" to "re-institution of debtors prison". But as I continued to analyze the numbers and narrow the field I came to the conclusion that this was a viable investment strategy and worth implementing.

Fun little Easter Egg to look for in one of the beer names, Bull N Bear Brewery (BBB) are the highest yielding bonds that are still considered "Investment Grade" in the Standard & Poor's rating scale.

The final reason for the name Bull N Bear is divine providence. My astrological sign is Taurus and my college mascot is the Black Bear (plus a like the alliteration of Bull N Bear Brewery).

"I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not too sure."


Will Dodge

Owner and Founder


Location: 425 Springfield Ave, Summit NJ 07901

Email: will@bullnbearbrewery.com

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